Determination đi với Giới từ gì?

Determination đi với Giới từ gì? là câu hỏi của rất nhiều người khi học tiếng Anh. Bài viết này,  sẽ giải đáp thắc mắc của các bạn.

Determination đi với Giới từ gì
Determination đi với Giới từ gì?

Determination là gì trong tiếng Anh?

determination /di,tə:mi’neiʃn/

  • danh từ
    • sự xác định, sự định rõ
    • sự quyết định
      • to come to a determination: đi tới chỗ quyết định; quyết định
    • tính quả quyết; quyết tâm
    • quyết nghị (của một cuộc thảo luận)
    • (pháp lý) sự phán quyết (của quan toà)
    • (y học) sự cương máu, sự xung huyết
    • (pháp lý) sự hết hạn, sự mãn hạn (giao kèo, khế ước…)
Determination là gì trong tiếng Anh?
Determination là gì trong tiếng Anh?

Cách dùng Determination 

Determination  + ADJ

absolute, dogged, fierce, great, grim, gritty, ruthless, single-minded, steely, strong | clear 

The prime minister’s speech revealed a clear determination to break the power of the unions.


be full of, have 

She was full of determination to achieve her goals. He has the determination to succeed.

reveal, show

She has shown great determination and skill.

express, signal 

The government last night signaled its determination to resist tax cuts.

require | lack

PREP. + Determination


He hung on with grim determination.

PHRASES determination to succeed/win

Determination đi với giới từ gì trong tiếng Anh?

Determination + to infinitive 

She has a lot of determination to succeed.

determination to do sth 

She had great determination to succeed.

Quote about determination to succeed
Quote about determination to succeed

determination + of 

The determination of policy is not your business – your job is to implement it.
the determination of his whereabouts

determination + on

The court is required to issue a final determination on those issues by the end of the year.

Các giới từ được sử dụng sau Determination

  • Whatever either increases or disorders the general circulation, and especially all causes that increase the action of the cerebral arteries, or, as it is usually though improperly expressed, which occasion a determination of blood to the head.
  • The determination in the mind of President Wilson when he came to Paris was to carry through his programme of the League of Nations.
  • If we make a resolution to rise earlier in the morning than usual; and if we impress the determination on our mind, immediately before going to rest, we are almost certain to succeed.
  • I took good care, meek as I was, to show this determination to my friends.
    That freedom from determination by the “not-self” which idealism vindicates, can belong only to the all-inclusive Spirit, outside whose self nothing exists; it belongs to me only on the supposition that I am the all-inclusive; and this, as before, is the point at which common-sense revolts.
  • His staff was entirely composed of hard workers, and perhaps no command in this war ever had so small a staff, but there was no officer in East Force who laboured so long or with such concentration and energy and determination as its Chief.
  • Only an immovable determination for war can explain this behaviour.
  • So did she, as could be seen from the tremulous flush and the determination with which she forced herself to speak.
  • There seemed to be an air of determination about that individual that Andy did not fancy.
  • In men of lesser calibre the mind is more constantly open to determination from extrinsic influences.
  • Yet despite all adverse circumstances the infantry and yeomanry pressed on, and if they did not secure all objectives, their dash, resource, and magnificent determination at least paved the way for ultimate triumph
  • The Inspectors obtain information and make local enquiries as to the facts in cases submitted to the Commissioners for determination under various sections of the Act.
  • The third was a lank, bald-headed man, whose sharp face released more determination than intelligence.
  • The provinces, under their Roman appointed governors, enjoyed a large measure of economic and cultural self-determination within the Roman Empire.
  • In 1778 he got into some difficulties, in which Johnson tried to help him, as is shewn by the following autograph letter in the possession of my friend Mr. M. M. Holloway: ‘SIR, ‘Poor Mr. Gwyn is in great distress under the weight of the late determination against him, and has still hopes that some mitigation may be obtained.
  • And as I lay there, I put a blessing upon her, and a determination into my heart that I make a more desperate speed of my going, if that might be; so that I come the sooner to that strange, and unknown place in the dead world where did stand the lesser Refuge.
  • III.The Ironmaster’s Disappointment Touched by the disinterested delicacy of M. Derblay, the marchioness sanctioned her daughter’s sudden determination without anxiety.
  • There seemed a vast, malign determination behind the movement, that must succeed.
  • Meditating upon Tintoretto’s choice of such subjects, we feel that the profoundest characteristic of his genius is the determination toward motives pre-eminently poetic rather than proper to the figurative arts.
  • The root and pledge of this falseness in Pope lay in a disease of his mind, which he (like the Roman poet Horace) mistook for a feature of praeter-natural strength; and this disease was the incapacity of self-determination towards any paramount or abiding principles.
  • The Serbs in Dalmatia with Boka have had strong national and religious determination through numerous old monasteries as beacons of culture and faith.
  • There was a character of determination among the officers and men, a cool, deliberate conviction that, under Providence, success would crown our arms, and that vengeance would be done on those who had forfeited their lives by the cruel massacre of our defenceless women and children.
  • More might have been added, and some taken away; but they had in them a world of instruction and illumination which children miss who read too exclusively those books written with rigid determination down to their level, neglecting certain old classics for which we fondly believe there are no substitutes.
  • Would HRM before proceeding with expropriation be bound to await a determination between two respective claimants?
  • However, most schools will not be able to inform all families of their financial assistance determinations before the end of the CAPS program application deadline.
  • The dazzling rapidity with which each individual expedition was executed, was perhaps less wonderful, than the clear precision with which each was designed, and the continuous, persevering, unconquerable determination where with each general plan was pursued to its close.
  • They gave the longitude of Simon’s Bay, within a few seconds of our homeward determination during the last voyage.
  • Indigenous communities globally are initiating inspiring ways to practice self-determination over land and cultural practices.
  • Under Professional Services and Purchased Services, who is in charge of the determination around those needs?

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